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Barakeh Travel doesn't own or sell any of the items below. We have handpicked the travel items that we do recommend based on customers' feedback. We only get an affiliate commission through Amazon.

OKUPAN Mask Extender Strap

Mask Extender Strap OKUPAN.jpg

It's required by all airlines to wear the facemask on the plane throughout the duration of the trip. Wearing your typical facemask will harm your ears. We highly recommend this OKUPAN Mask Head Strap because it was designed with high-quality elastic materials that make it so comfortable to wear your mask during your flight.


TICONN Neck Gaiter

Mask Neck Gaiter.jpg

Wearing a Neck Gaiter while traveling feels more comfortable than wearing a typical face mask. Despite the cool look, the TICONN Neck Gaiter will also protect your skin from UV light under direct sunlight. It is also easy to breathe through even in windy weather. We highly recommend this product for traveling during the pandemic season.


Go2Kits Safe Trip Travel​

Go2Kits Safe Trip Travel.jpg

Don't risk it! Traveling without this personal protection kit is very risky especially during any pandemic season. Remember sitting in a full capacity plane will put you and your family at risk of catching a virus easily. This kit includes masks, gloves, wipes, sanitizer, and a holding key. The Key helps you to grab doors and touch things instead of using your hands.


Airplane in Flight Phone Mount

Airplane in Flight Phone Mount.jpg

Watch your own shows on the plane. If you have saved your favorite shows on your phone or downloaded Netflix offline on your phone, then this product is a must.  You can continue where you left off on your favorite show. This device is designed to easily clip up on the food tray in front of you. You may also clip this phone holder to any chair at the airport gate while waiting for your flight. No more holding your phone to watch your favorite videos.


Travel Hanging Makeup Bag

WDLHQC Travel Hanging Makeup Bag.jpg

Stay organize while traveling. No more throwing bottles all-around your handbag and waste time looking for them when you unpack. This amazing beautifully designed bag will keep all your toiletries, makeup, and other bottles organize in pockets. This product will fit your handbag or you may carry it separately on the plane as a personnel item.


Kids Airplane Bed

Kids Airplane beds.jpg

Traveling with kids? As you may know, it's very challenging to take long flights with kids. We find it very helpful to use this inflatable travel pillow. You can put this adjustable high pillow in the space in front of you, which will make it easy for kids to sleep. You may use this product to rest your feet as well. Some airlines don't allow this product. But don't worry the seller will refund your money if the airline doesn't allow it. 


Infant Airplane Seat

Infant Airplane Seat.jpg

There is only four baby bascinet on the plane. If you are lucky you will get it. The problem if you get the baby bassinet you may be sitting away from your family. We highly recommend this item if you are traveling with a baby and if you were unable to get the bassinet from the airline. This product will give you room to sleep and relax and it will make your baby happy as well. 


Nefeeko Collapsible Water Bottle

Nefeeko Collapsible Water Bottle.jpg

Drinking water on the plane is a hassle since you have to keep asking for it and the flight attendant will get you a small amount. So here is the trick, but this bottle and keep it empty until you pass all custom and checkpoints. Then fill this bottle with water anywhere by the airport gate. Enjoy drinking your water on the plane. You may also keep adding water to it when the flight attendant brings you water.


VISBER Airplane Headphones

Airplane Headphones.jpg

Staying entertained is very important on a long flight. Having good headphones is a must on a plane. Don't depend on the cheap headphones that are provided by the airline to watch or listen to your favorite audio. Enjoy watching your favorite movies with an amazing sound. This device will be connected to your phone via Bluetooth or connect it to airplane entertainment. 


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